PRESS RELEASE – For immediate release September 2020
Air2o Bahamas Introduces “Pure Water From Air” Water Delivery Service on Elbow Cay, AbacoAir2o Bahamas, the pioneering provider of Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) in the Bahamas, with the support of the Hope Town Zero Waste program, is proud to introduce Air2o “Pure Water From Air”, water delivery service on Elbow Cay, Abaco.<photo: Juliette, Neil and Rachael>“We are delighted to support Air2o Bahamas with this exciting new initiative to reduce single use plastic bottle waste on our islands” says Juliette Deal, co-founder of the Hope Town Zero Waste program. “Air2o Bahamas and Air2o water is a perfect environmentally-friendly and sustainable solution for fresh drinking water in refillable containers.”AWGs make fresh, pure water directly from the humidity in the air – no other external water source is required. Air2o water is pure and safe, and tastes great! Because Air2O water is made fresh daily “on island”, there is no need to import water in heavy single-use plastic water bottles and jugs that are often exposed to harsh sunlight en route, resulting in harmful chemicals leeching into the water. By delivering Air2o water in reusable containers, there is no plastic bottle waste to throw away. Air2O water is pure, safe and healthy, and good for the environment. Air2o water is also significantly less expensive than bottled water.<photos: Air2o containers>Almost a year ago to the day, the lives of many Bahamians were irrevocably changed by the passage of Hurricane Dorian. There is no doubt that the increased frequency and severity of these deadly storms is a direct result of climate change caused by our dependence on fossil fuels. Using Atmospheric Water Generators to make drinking water from air where it is needed eliminates the carbon footprint, labour and costs associated with manufacturing plastic water bottles, filling them with water, transporting them, unpacking and stocking them, while also eliminating the significant waste that empty plastic water bottles create.“It is our vision that AWGs will become the new model for providing pure drinking water throughout The Bahamas”, says Neil Aberle,co- founder of Air2o Bahamas along with his wife Rachael. “Why incur all the financial and environmental costs, hassle and health risks associated with importing bottled water when we have all the water we could ever need right at our fingertips – literally – in the air that is all around us?”Several customers on Elbow Cay have already signed up for Air2O Bahamas’ water delivery service and are enjoying fresh, pure water delivered right to their homes. “Water tastes great”, says one customer. “I really like the container, it’s such a nice dispenser”, writes another. “The water tastes delicious, it tastes like rain water”, a long-time resident of Hope Town exclaims. For more information, please visit or email, call/WhatsApp 1-242-577-0277 and follow Air2O Bahamas on Facebook and air2o_bahamas on Instagram.