Saturday, March 2, 2013.  Wyannie Malone Historical Museum-Hope Town, Abaco. 

Annual Hope Town Heritage Day

The annual Hope Town Heritage day was held on Saturday, March 2nd… although the weather was cold and rainy it did not stop visitors and locals from coming out to support the day’s activities.. .the Bahamian food tent is always a favorite.. . Children lined up to play the games … In Jarrett Park….The roster of artisans offered a wonderful assortment of items for sale ..handmade jewelry… Whimsical sail bags and totes,  a fantastic representation of local painters and photographers displayed  their works in the field next door to the museum… The Wyannie Malone Historical Museum had a record amount of visitors …people from all over toured the freshly arranged exhibits… They were able to explore thru the museums artifact and stories of Wyannie Malone  and her loyalist descendants. The museum is a great testimony to life as, it was in the Abacos…

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