Elbow Cay , Bahamas – This is from a source on the Ground on Elbow Cay: Friday 26th August 0820 EDT Sea Spray looks good, little or no damage to office and docks / boats. (All ocean houses in White Sound assume dune gone in front of house leaving drop to beach level) Third Sunrise ok, little damage to ocean decks. House just north of Third Sunrise water washed completely around it,house is in good shape but the deck is damaged / gone, the under house part damaged / washed out, unable to inspect closer because the generator was still running and feared of shock. Rocky Bay house little or no damage, dock area again completely filled with sand from dune. Mamas Marlin ok, Dodge houses fine, possibly some deck damage, The houses from Blue Moon to Fosters are ok but no report on the Foster house itself. Brians house may have water damage as water was almost to the door when visisted after the storm. The break in the dune is about 200 ft wide and completely flat to the ocean. Runs from Mamas Marling south to the north side of Bushie property (about 100ft north of Rocky Bay house) Over all house damage on Elbow is reported light, mostly decks and shingles. Will have more within the hour. From the cruiser’s net: Damage seems light for Elbow and area. One unnamed boat in HT lost a mast. Docks on the south end of Lubbers have substantial damage, MOW few houses with roof damage, MOW hardware roof damaged, transmission line is down MOW, Scotland Cay, some house damage, more later, Light House Marina will be pumping gas around noon today, Texico in MH will open soon, nothing much in damage reported from MH,

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