“Da Market” at the BNT Marsh Harbour Office North of Maxwell’s Grocery Store

Saturday, October 25, 2014 from 9am – 1pm

bnt list


Abaco Delightz 242-367-3442 riviere_surveys@coralwave.com  Assorted juice from Bahamian fruits
Abaco Food Processing 242-367-4887 terrypndr@yahoo.com  Jams, Pepper jellies
Abaco Neem 242-225-1745 info@abaconeem.com Products for the body, alternative preventative medicinal products, as well as home and garden and pet products.
Avery Luggage & Bags 242-367-2468 averyluggageandbags@gmail.com Vinyl, canvas, and fabric hand bags & luggage
Fruity Freddie Farms 242-475-2200 huelfmoss@yahoo.com  Pepper sauces, fruit cheese cakes, fruit wines, sweet potato fries
Juretha Farms 242-367-5502 bahamafarmer@yahoo.com Vegetables
Kim Roberts 242-367-4648 kimberkitty12@gmail.com Jewelry
Lela Bethel 242-367-4228 Old Sour, Jams
Lightbourn Family Farms 242-458-7734 jovlyn@msn.com  Assorted vegetables and mixed greens
Loveley Reckley 242-551-7453 lady_love_3@hotmail.com  Assorted breads and craft
Kendrick Tinker 242-646-5737 Mirrors
Om Grown Greens 242-366-0722 info@OmGrownGreens.com Fresh, healthy and delicious ORGANIC sprouts and microgreens