Marsh Harbour, Bahamas — Taste of Abaco – Chef Challenge and Auction

ABACO, BAHAMAS – Sunday July 17, 2011
6pm, Abaco Beach Resort, Marsh Harbor

Foodies and Food Show watchers in Abaco are enthusiastically awaiting the chance to sample and view local, talented chefs in action. The event has been organized to expose our residents and visitors to the many talents and skills that are available in the Abacos. This highly anticipated event will give 7 chefs a 30 minute window to prepare their meals and get it to the international judges’ table.

We’re encouraging a friendly competition, where all chefs get to demonstrate their style and flair right before our eyes. Scores of people will come out to support their favorite chefs and cast their vote on which chef has offered the best appetizer of the night.

This is a special event because it allows our guests to contribute to the education of our students through Pathfinders and experience a taste of restaurants across the Abacos.

Ticket Donations are $50
Contact: Leazona Richard
Administrator Abaco Pathfinders
Marsh Harbour, Abaco

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