Abaco, The Bahamas — By: R.Octavia Dean – McIntosh

It was a warm day with wisps of clouds in the cool blue sky. It was the sort of day that hinted spring was near. Blossoms of flowers had begun to unfold themselves, and the air smelled like crisp sheets fresh out the dryer. It was a beautiful day. Then, I saw them: gigantic tractors and contraptions and burly men in hard, yellow construction hats in the front of New Haven Community Center. As if to mock me, as if it had been waiting just for me, one of the mechanical beasts lunged forward and began pulling apart the beloved place.

Frozen, I stared in disbelief. Surely, my eyes deceive me, I thought. Were they really tearing apart such an enamoring, comforting, cherished place? Fear and dismay pushed me forward; I ran to the site and tapped on the shoulder of the man who seemed to be in charge. The look on my face must have spoken volumes, for before I could open my mouth, he stated reassuringly that they were just renovating the entire building. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth as I thanked him and made my way to my favorite sport to watch the men work.

The building now looked like a giant who was having the flesh torn from his bones, leaving only a skeleton behind. Finding comfort in the fact that my home away from home was being ameliorated rather than destroyed, I looked on with excitement.

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