Marsh Harbour, Bahamas — Anyone who has been to Marsh Harbour’s airport in the past week knows something that looks a little like progress is hanging around. Sure, it may be difficult to find over the loud machinery, torn-up earth and chaotic traffic; but for a town long overdue for a new terminal this is progress. Our Prime Minister was on location Thursday, September 1st, for the contract signing ceremony.
The new terminal, when completed, will compliment the recent 6,100 foot conversion of the original runway to bring Marsh Harbour’s airport into the modern era. The contract, awarded to FES Construction, rings to the tune of around $24 million. With this price tag, Abaco people can expect a new 51,000 sq. ft. terminal with 22 counters, luggage scanning, restaurants, retail, a lounge and other modern conveniences many travelers have come to expect.

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