Elbow Cay , Bahamas – An enthusiastic group of people gathered at the Hope Town Lodge for its first Thursday night “Tapas and Topics”. Last evening’s presentation -growing food in the Bahamas, Aquaponics and Hydroponics described by Peter Michie (www.feedourplanet.com). His slide presentation showed shining examples of the Foodies allowing vegetables and herbs to grow vertically effectively. Rachael Aberle of Om Grown Greens (www.omgrowngreens.com) told her story on how she started her sprout farm on Elbow Cay. With just a few seeds and an enthusiastic family Om Grown Greens is now shipping throughout the entire country of the Bahamas. Her vision and hard work has allowed people of the Bahamas to experience the taste of FRESH. Rachael is dedicated to the education of growing food and her commitment is evident in her ongoing efforts in working with the children at the Hope Town school. Aquaponics is Rachael and Peter’s latest dream to be implemented into the school’s gardening education program. Two students of the Hope Town school Eloise Albury and Journey Higgs shared their gardening experience. Eloise most recent essay got the attention of the Bahamas government to make growing fruits, vegetables and herbs an initiative in education curriculum in schools throughout the Bahamas. Mike Hartman of the Hope Town Lodge welcomed the group in his comfortable, hip and cool terrace, announcing that Thursday, February 7th was the first of many “look forward to”Tapas and topics events on Thursdays 5 to 7 at Hope Town Lodge. We will keep you posted on the next Thursday’s “Tapas and Topics” subject. Stay tuned.

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