Abaco, The Bahamas — By: R.Octavia Dean – McIntosh

When all that is to be done is done and I shut down my inner worker bee, there is nothing I love more than reading a good book. It is my favorite hobby, after all, and there are many reasons why it should become your favorite hobby too. The dictionary defines reading as “comprehending the meaning of printed character, symbols or words”. However, reading is much more than that. Reading is fun. Reading is addictive. It can be extremely beneficial to students. It could also become a new, if not favorite, hobby.

Contrary to popular belief, reading is fun and interesting. The trick is to unearth books that you will like, from deep within the confines of the literary earth. I have no doubt that in every one of us, there is a book hound just waiting to be uncovered. Why, you ask, would one want to read about a poor soul traveling along a dusty, desolate road or a rain-soaked brig being carelessly being tossed about on wild, churning waves? Wouldn’t visiting one of the popular social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter be more entertaining? The unbeatable answer is no. Yes, it is nice to keep up with our friends. However, reading not only provides excitement, but it allows one to escape what is ‘normal’ to him and experience another reality. When reading, he (the reader) enters a world that the author has intricately woven together for him with different literary threads. He becomes the stone cold detective interrogating a suspect in a gritty interview room or the scared, confused child wondering why the brilliant colors in his life have turned dull grey. The reader feels the rush of adrenaline while participating in a SWAT raid. He experiences the warm, sultry summer air while curled up on a bone chilling, cold winter day. Reading is indeed enthralling.

Not only is reading fun, but it is also a cheap form of entertainment. It costs approximately $8.50 to go to the local movie theater and watch the new action film that is sure to be a blockbuster. That is roughly the same price of the paperback book version of the movie. Many people are under the impression that the movie possesses more details than the book. That is simply not true. The reader will experience more than the movie- goer due to the book containing more details within its leather bound covers. The reader becomes the characters. He feels what the character is feeling. He attempts to solve the character’s problems whether they range from trivial to grave. The experience is much more emotionally stimulating and is definitely more intimate. The sense of intimacy provided and inexpensiveness presents a winning combo to any person looking for entertainment!

A world known fact is that reading is educational. This has been proven over and over by studies and surveys. When one reads, he becomes familiar with new words and the context in which they are used. As a result, his vocabulary, writing skills and his ability to comprehend improves. When reading, one repeatedly draws from the well of vast information and imprints it on his memory; therefore, he is more knowledgeable concerning topics on that he has read books. Not only does reading improve a student’s academics, but it also makes the student seem more interesting. Which student would not want that? Simply put, reading is great. There are many advantages to reading and it can only be beneficial to one in the long run. Reading is my favorite hobby. It should become yours too.

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