Maxwell’s Supermarket & Home Store reopens in Marsh Harbour – Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019

Maxwell’s Supermarket opened its doors a mere two months after the devastating Hurricane Dorian. It is an extraordinary accomplishment considering the circumstances that surround the devastation caused by a Category 5 hurricane. The store opened at 9:00 am on Thursday, stocked and merchandised beautifully with fresh vegetables and fruit. The store was clean and bright and the freshly harvested watermelon was a welcome sight to all. Maxwell’s will act as the commerce center for Marsh Harbor’s essential businesses, housing a pharmacy, Frederick’s Agency, Commonwealth Bank, and a doctorall under one roof. It’s a great accomplishment and a truly sensible action by Marsh Harbor businesses. As a member of the community ourselves, we at felt an extraordinary and overwhelming feeling of seeing Maxwell’s reopen. Through our concierge service over the past several years we have gotten to know everyone at Maxwell’s, and we are so happy to see their familiar faces knowing that they are safe and made it through the storm. Looking around around at the people from Murphy Town, Sandy Point, Cooper’s Town, Green Turtle Cay, Man-O-War, Schooner Bay and every corner of Abaco, it perfectly represented all of Abaco coming together for the first time post-Dorian. Seeing everyone happy, hugging, and smiling was the perfect reminder of just how close knit our community is and how far we have come as we rebuild and reconnect for a brighter future!