Tiffany’s Treats

How hard is it to start a business in food service?

How hard is it to start baking in bulk with no electricity?

How hard is it to start a baking business in the tropics with no air conditioning?

How hard is it to start a business delivering food orders on an island wiped out by a hurricane?

Ask Tiffany Senn.

Born and raised in Hope Town, Tiffany launched her business, Tiffany’s Treats, in the wake of one of the most destructive storms ever to hit Abaco. Like a phoenix from the ashes, Tiffany’s Treats emerged, and Senn overcame every obstacle that hurricane recovery could throw at her. She did it because she loved her island, and felt people needed a reason to feel happy. She believed not many things bring little bits of happiness like treats do. Cinnamon buns. Cupcakes. Cookies. Resilience kept Senn in the kitchen, without electric lights, in the tropical heat compounded by the heat of the oven. She grew her business by personally delivering her baked goods to people around the island and using the local ferry service to deliver to other cays. She grew her business by following up through social media, her customer care with every single delivery shines. She grew her business with a constant smile. Persevering. In the wake of a double whammy that Dorian and the pandemic served up, there are countless island stories that show the resilience of the Abaco.  Tiffany’s Treats is just one of the sweetest.   

By Joanne Feinstein,