Marsh Harbour, The Bahamas — The 8th Annual Abaco Business Outlook commenced at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday morning as business professionals, industry leaders, students and government officials filed into the New Vision Ministries building in Marsh Harbour. The line up of speakers for the day was impressive, and the production of the whole event was top tier. Of course, Abaconians have come to expect nothing less from Joan Albury, president of Nassau based communications agency The Counsellors ltd.

Though not all speakers that were initially scheduled were able to make it, their replacements picked up on their notes to lead excellent panels. After most speakers there was a question & answer section that allowed the audience to clarify key points. Despite one question & answer section getting a little heated and contentious (the premise of which was slightly too politically charged to be addressed here,) the whole event had an air of respect and professional courtesy.

The theme of the Business Outlook was “Investment, Invention, Integration,” which many of the speakers from government used as a platform to declare the good works done for the Abaco people as of late. The global recession was a common talking point amongst most speakers, but there was a good amount of optimism also expressed. Perhaps the most enthusiastic and colourful speaker was Ms. Rosemary Parkinson, a world renowned author on local cuisines. She stressed the importance of reducing the nation’s annual 500 million dollar food import bill by relying more on local grown, organic produce and taking more pride in our unique, culinary identity.

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