September 16, 2014
Contact: Joanne Feinstein Gates 242.366.0668
For Immediate Release

Albury’s Ferry Service donates $10,400 to Abaco Pathfinders.

Abaco Pathfinders ( was formed in 2001 and has generously awarded many Bahamian youths with a college education. Abaco Pathfinders‘ goal is to provide funds to enable deserving students from the Abaco islands to continue their education after high school.

Albury’s Ferry Service is donating $10,400 to Abaco Pathfinders.
Ferries go where people go… “The young adults represent the future of our island; they are our most valuable asset”, states Denis Knowles, manager of Albury’s Ferry Service “ we are proud to be part of a community which recognizes the heartbeat of our talented young people.”

Abaco Pathfinders is a beneficial organization not only for students, but as a positive impact on the community. Businesses such as Albury’s Ferry Service are vital to the program’s success. Jim Blumberg founded Abaco Pathfinders in 2001 and his legacy is evident today— over 149 students have fulfilled their dream for higher education. With the support of sponsors, community and businesses, Pathfinders has been able to facilitate a path for those in need of help to attain their goals for higher education.

“Our sponsors and donors are our best resource. We thank Albury’s Ferry, and deeply appreciate their support. They go over and above to help us and we are grateful” Leazona Richards, Abaco Pathfinders Organization

Albury’s Ferry Service ( is a proud supporter of Abaco Pathfinders.
Albury’s Ferry has been serving the Abaco community for 55 years.

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