Boarding Up The Bahamas: Preparing for Hurricane Matthew in the Abacos

The usually calm and peaceful waters of the Abaco Islands look like they’re about to make way to rougher seas as Hurricane Matthew approaches. Registering as a Category 4 storm as late as Sunday afternoon, Matthew is expected to cause catastrophic damage in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Cuba and Jamaica on Monday before making its way to the Bahamas. Once Matthew reaches the Bahamas it’s expected that the hurricane will linger for several days before making its way to the US Southeastern coast.

Folks all around the Abacos are taking advantage of the calm before the storm to batten down the hatches and prepare for the choppy weather. Boats are being pulled up onto shore, generators are being fueled up, and food has started flying off the shelves at the local grocery stores. A hurry up and wait feeling is permeating across all of the islands as Hurricane Matthew approaches. Hopefully the tides will turn and Mathew will turn out to be more bark than bite. No matter what happens, you can be sure that the community throughout the Abaco Islands will be ready to work together to make sure that everyone can make it through safe.

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