Book launch and signing of The Birds of Abaco at the Delphi Club by Joanne Feinstein 

1Birds_Abaco_Jacketfront_hiresIt was a pleasure to attend the book launch and signing of the Birds of Abaco at the Delphi Club, Rolling Harbor, South Abaco, Bahamas. Project leaders Peter Mantle (director of the Delphi Club), Keith W. Salvesen, and his wife Sally have brilliantly created a treasure of a book! The Birds of Abaco consists of the Delphi Club members’ photographs of 161 species of the Birds of Abaco. The passionate book is delivered with an impressive level of integrity and finesse.

The photography of the birds is so clear and so real; I felt the presence of their little hearts beating as I turned each page. It is fitting that these birds call Abaco home. I am in awe of what lengths people go to capture, document, and share this beautiful place called Abaco, and the book is a true documentation of that.

The Birds of Abaco is published as a limited edition of 600 copies sold exclusively at the Delphi club (242-366-2222,

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