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by Joanne Feinstein

I decided to start my blog as we enter spring, a fresh new season, a new beginning, and the perfect time to put words on paper or pixels. Blending the beauty of my natural surroundings with style, fashion, and the adventures of island life, my mission is to document the amazing experiences I am lucky enough to indulge in. Without further ado, I begin my new chapter: the AbacoBuzz blog.


The Abaco 40.


She will take your breath away! When two Marks and a Steve come together with over twenty years of experience, passion, and a sophisticated taste in boats, they give rise to the Abaco 40. Form and function never looked so stately.

10_032513BTPF-4634_600wI spent a late afternoon talking to Steve Scotchmer about his journey creating the Abaco 40, a lifetime dream made possible through collaboration with his good friend Mark Bruckmann of www.bruckmannyachts.com and designer Mark Ellis. Without a doubt, the trio produced some incredible results. The hull configuration utilizes broad chine flats aft on. A modified deep vee allows the boat to get on a level plane at 12 knots and is extremely fuel efficient from the mid teens up. Powered by a single Cummins 670 HP diesel engine, she can cruise in the low 20-knot range and has a top speed of approximately 30 knots.  The single propeller and rudder are protected by a skew that serves to improve the hull’s tracking ability.

Modern performance, timeless beauty. The Abaco 40 is appropriately named to compliment the beauty and adventure that is iconic of the Abaco lifestyle. If you’d like to get your hands on one of these marvels of nautical engineering, act now because the Abaco 40 is being built in limited numbers by Bruckmann Yachts of Mississauga Ontario.


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