It’s been six months since Alexa Uherek Thompson opened The Art of Wellness in Hope Town, Abaco, and the results so far have been nothing short of impressive. Originally from Maryland, Alexa has found a new home in the out islands of the Abacos and she has brought with her a passion for teaching and inspiring others to achieve a healthier and more balanced mind and body. Her focus and dedication has produced some amazing results as her clients have collectively lost over 200 pounds in just half of a year. Through her website ( you can register for one of Alexa’s scheduled classes that are designed to cater to all fitness levels from beginners to expert. Alexa has created an environment at The Art of Wellness that is free from any “gym-timidation”, crafting work outs that resonate with her clients, helping them stay dedicated and focused on showing up for each class eager to get fit.

Through a hands on coaching technique, Alexa leads her strength and cardio classes through a series of pushups, squats, lunges, and burpees using equipment like weights, jump ropes and bar bells. The classes are held several times a week at the Hummingbird Gallery in Hope Town where the breathtaking view certainly helps inspire her clients to push through to each work out. Starting in November Alexa will be collaborating with Block Therapy teacher Rachael Aberle ( together they will be producing mini wellness retreats in Hope Town and throughout Abaco. Their dynamic health team will help you feel your best by combining Block Therapy, Functional Fitness and Yoga, with nutrition demos using organic produce from Om Grown Greens and other local farms. Getting healthier and more fit while enjoying the scenery of one of the most beautiful areas in all the Abacos, what could be better? For more information you can check out, or You can order your blocks at



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