Letter from The Showell Family, Green Turtle Club

Dear Friends,

We wanted to reach out and express our most sincere gratitude for the heartwarming support you have shown Green Turtle Club over the many years and now especially in the wake of the most catastrophic event we have ever witnessed. We truly believe the love our loyal guests have for Green Turtle Cay and its people is what makes our home unlike anywhere else in the world. We are blessed to be able to share with you that everyone on Green Turtle Cay, including all our extended family staff members, were spared by this devastating storm.

Green Turtle Cay is undergoing an inspiring recovery effort through the collaboration of resilient locals, generous NGO’s, magnanimous private donors, and the Bahamian Government, all orchestrated through the tireless and cohesive efforts of The Green Turtle Cay Foundation. As many of you have expressed interest in getting involved in rebuild efforts of our beloved island, please consider giving to The Green Turtle Cay Foundation. We have included ways to support this beautiful cause below.

The Green Turtle Club Resort & Marina property experienced substantial damage, but relative to some of our wonderful neighbors, was largely spared. We as a family are committed to Green Turtle Cay and its success and continuation as the friendly slice of paradise we all know and love. We have already begun rebuilding efforts and are welcoming our dedicated staff back home and back to work safely together. We anticipate being able to have each aspect of our business back up and running in steady stages with the achievable goal of being fully operational by March 1, 2020.

We are offering full refunds inclusive of flight packages to all upcoming guests. Beginning on October 7, 2019 Noelle will be reaching out to every upcoming guest individually to process each refund in full. We are unable to take future reservations at this time, but will be very excited to share when possible.

We continue to be inspired by the courage, fellowship, and resilience of every member of our community. It is their strength and spirit that assures us our near future will be better and stronger than ever before.

The Showell Family