Dear Friends,
I wanted to reach out and personally thank you all for the overwhelmingly powerful outpouring of prayers and support that we have received over the last month. All your calls, emails, and messages have meant so much to us here at The Abaco Inn, we are truly touched.
I am happy to report that entire Abaco Inn team is accounted for and made it safely through the devastating hurricane Dorian. Jack and Joe have been on property each day alongside a large clean up team making sure that we get everything back to normal as soon as possible. The Elbow Cay Community has been in an amazing recovery form. The historically severe Hurricane Dorian left in it’s wake a path of destruction the likes of which we have never seen, but what it also did was highlight the many heroes that live amongst us in our beautiful community.
Abaco Inn unfortunately lost 4 villas and 4 rooms. There was substantial damage done to our beautiful garden and trees, but in true Abaco Inn fashion we will persevere! We will open in the very near future for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We look forward to you sitting on our sunset deck, the perfect place to gather and enjoy a refreshing and relaxing drink alongside a limited menu.
Our goal is to rise from the ashes like a phoenix and make the Abaco Inn even better, stronger, and more welcoming as we work to open our entire property as soon as possible. We are inspired everyday by the spirit and resilience of our community and the people who make it so unique, and we hope to be a part of bringing Elbow Cay back to life as we all rebuild and reinvigorate our community!
Tom Hazel
242.366.0133 (local landline)
242.366.0333 (local landline)
P.S. My dogs are safe and sound. Thank you all for asking.