Lowree Tynes Design Comes To Abaco Nassau based designer Lowree Tynes has recently begun working in the marsh Harbour, Abaco market and she brings with her a wealth of experience and skill that are second to none. Working with each clients vision, Lowree takes a blank canvas and creates a design reflecting the beauty and function of it’s surroundings. She is always focused on the details of each project, no matter how minute, and she does so with professionalism and passion. Her companies debut project in Abaco is Marsh Harbour’s newest restaurant, bar and beach club: Da Blue Hole. The collaborative effort between Lowree and her client created Marsh Harbor’s finest multi function venue. With an upstairs bar overlooking all of Marsh Harbour marinas and bustling boating community, a fine fun dining room and the very trendy outdoor space, Lowree created a seamless design that is connected but also allows each area to have it’s own identity. The upstairs bar is a open air space which offers breathtaking views with comfortable furniture strategically placed so that you can enjoy the vista with no obstruction. The colors reflect the blue sky and tranquil lifestyle of the Bahamas and the style is hip but not fussy in this airy space. With the bar located on the back wall to keep it out of your line of sight of the water, comfort and style are in perfect balance. The dining room is designed in a refreshingly modern style. Tranquil patterns and natural Abaco blue hole blues are part of the subtle and timeless theme. Beautiful photography of blue holes compliment the neutrals and textures of the dining room seating. Lowree created a aesthetically pleasing wall to display all of the restaurants fine wines and the private wine cellar and cigar bar are behind a glass barn door. The finest in food and spirits that Abaco has to offer are complimented by the modern comfortable design. It is a space where you can truly unplug and get lost in a beautiful world. The outdoor space, named “The Sandbar”, is a reimagined outdoor design that offers comfort and style for all sorts of activities. Listen to music, play some corn hole or ping pong, or just hang out with friends and family in-style. There is truly something for everyone in the design of Da Blue Hole. Lowree has created a seamlessly designed venue to cater to any and all things that will be going on at the fun and adventurous venue called the Da Blue Hole.

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