The Annual Writer’s Read was held at the Hope Town Lodge Wednesday evening… So full that it  was standing room only . The audience was eager to hear the eclectic roster of literary talent.  Adelaide Cummings opened  the line-up.  This is Adelaide’s 54th consecutive year visiting Hope Town, she has led the way for many writers. Seventeen readers followed, it was wonderful being a part of the audience ,feeling all of the emotion that the literature evoked… laughter and sadness. Sharing  in the writers experience both thru prose and poetry was amazing! Two of the chosen Bahamian younger  readers  read their  stories.   ..Bessie  Lowe told the story of her father ..bonefish Dundee heartfelt and sincere loving and proud… Wow what a talent!  Samara Cole also had a family story emphasizing the love and bond between mother and daughter….Hope Town is a magical place where writers are inspired to express and listeners are so grateful to hear.

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