What’s happening on the Abaco Neem Farm? Abaco Neem Ltd.
Abaco Neem’s Farm continues to see great success in the growth and expansion of its Neem Empire. After expanding to South America in 2015, Abaco Neem continues to see development at its flagship location established in 1997.
The farm is located near Cassurina in South Abaco on 115 acres of land. Abaco Neem has completed its first cottage on the farm that offers housing to people wishing to get out of the rat race and enjoy a secluded and relaxing environment. Tours are available for anyone wanting to learn more about the wonderful benefits of Neem and how to incorporate Neem into their lifestyles.
Recently a group of students from Colorado State University (CSU) took an education abroad course to learn about using Certified Organic Neem in agriculture, animal husbandry and Ayurvedic practices.
The students volunteered and learned first hand with founder Nick Miaoulis about organic farming practices and the importance of environmental preservation on small island ecosystems. CSU students travel to the Bahamas every year in May to learn about conservation, tourism, sustainability, natural response management and coral reef ecology in the Bahamian ecosystem.
Abaco Neem certified organic trees are truly powerful, providing the ingredients for a number of products that they manufacture and sell across the world. Not only can you take advantage of the health benefits of using Abaco Neem’s products, you can plan a trip to the farm to learn firsthand what it takes to grow and nourish such powerful trees. The Abaco Neem farm is the ideal destination for any educational adventurers who want to learn more about the tree that is on the cutting edge of modern organic medicine. Bird watchers will be delighted to find a wide variety of birds. They offer tours by appointment, the cost is $25.00 per person, you will taste whatever fruit is in season, drink fresh coconut water (when available) and take home a fresh bag of tea!
Don’t miss out on this great opportunity on your next visit to The Abacos!

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