It is a common misconception that yoga is only about stretching and breathing while holding poses. However, it also strengthens the body, mind, and spirit and creates emotional stability we need to blaze trails and overcome obstacles so we can move forward in life. Our beautiful central Bahama islands have been devastated by hurricane Joaquin, and I  hope the victims have access to a yoga class to help them recover mentally, physically and emotionally. Our Hope Town group sends light to them and I believe they receive it instantly, strengthening them on some level.

After a few weeks of yoga 3 times a week, I am amazed at how much stronger the students are! They are holding poses longer, breathing properly, and it brings me overwhelming joy to be a part of this. They are not only getting stronger physically, but emotionally. Our emotions play an important role in our overall wellbeing. They are not to be ignored or stifled, but expressed in a balanced way. When we get stuck in emotions of low vibration, we get depressed and our immune system gets compromised. We lose the strength to cope with hardships of life, and we lose the capacity to experience joy and happiness.

Yoga helps us live in a positive, loving atmosphere instead of living in fear. We learn to tune into our intuition and use it wisely. It is a privilege to be a conduit for such an amazing system that makes the body, mind and spirit work together to be strong!

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