Supporting Learning in Abaco
L.C. Hull & Co. and the Matthews Family of Hopetown are proud to announce their donation of laptops for the 6th grade class at Crossing Rocks Primary School. These laptops will be used as a part of the Scientific Reading Programme. Attorney Dawson Malone of Callenders & Co. in Freeport also contributed to the donation so that the Crossing Rocks children could have access to an internationally recognized programme that targets skills to improve reading.
The Crossing Rocks Primary School, under the guidance of Principal Brenell Higgs, launched this programme as a response to the lack of scientific and technology training that the students of the school were previously afforded. This significant undertaking includes staff training as well as student workshops, a true team effort that will leave a lasting impression on the lives and education of the students. L.C. Hull & Co. is proud to sponsor this programme as they understand just how vital education is to the community in and around Crossing Rocks Primary. This effort is just another step in the journey of life long learning for these students that L.C. Hull & Co. hopes will be made easier with their sponsorship of the Scientific Reading Programme  that will be launched in January 2018.

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