Abacobuzz.com is excited to announce the creation of a new health and wellness blog on the site featuring Rachael Aberle of Om Grown Greens and Back to Basics Massage and Yoga. In her blog Rachael will share her thoughts and perspective on maintaining your well being, healthy recipes, fitness tips and more. Rachael is not only a farmer, she’s also a yoga instructor, massage therapist, mother, and wife. Rachael embraces each day with an open heart and mind, and will share her journey through life on her new blog in the Well Being section of Abaco Buzz.

I start this well being blog on a day filled with gratitude for new beginnings. My girls Summer and Jasmin started school today and we planted seeds for the upcoming season of Om Grown Greens. I love beginnings, the start of something new is just so invigorating. I cannot help but share in my daughters’ excitement about going back to school. They were so buzzed about going to school that they could hardly sleep last night. School starts at 8:45, and Jasmin was dressed and ready to go by 7:30! She will be exhausted by the afternoon, but I’m glad she is so excited at the prospect of learning new things and spending time with her school friends.

Today is not only the start of my blog and the school year, but I am also announcing yoga classes that I will be teaching at the Hummingbird Art Gallery in Hope Town – Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30am. This schedule will allow parents time to take their children to school, and make the 9:45 ferry to Marsh Harbour if they need to.

It’s my favorite time of year with new beginnings during the off season in Hope Town. Take this time to BREATHE, go deep within and visit your self, find your light and let it shine, and practice GRATITUDE for the ups and downs of this fabulous roller coaster ride called LIFE!

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